One of our very own DeSoto County Justice Court Judges, Ken Adams, has created an incredibly beneficial tool for landlords, tenants and service providers. It is called TenantTalk, and you can find the website by clicking on the following link: http://tenanttalk.net. I have attached some pictures below so that you can preview exactly what the site has to offer. Find valuable information on TenantTalk that can help you prevent a future rental, legal dispute.

Each year, the DeSoto County Justice Court hears approximately 2300 civil cases (or 65% of their total civil cases) pertaining to rental disputes. After 20 years of presiding over thousands of tenant, landlord and service provider lawsuits, Judge Adams decided to do something to help minimize the amount of these cases ending up in court. Check out his website, and you can also find TenantTalk on Facebook. This is a great rental resource to have available to you.

Thank you, Ken Adams, for your service as a Justice Court Judge and for the creation of TenantTalk!!  


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