One complaint that I have voiced over and over again on this page is that of travel expenses for our education administrators and superintendents. The attached article and report from Watchdog’s Steve Wilson is just another example of the many that exist. Before I continue, let me say this. I understand that there will always be some travel required for certain jobs and continuing education, meetings and the like, BUT no public employee should use tax payer dollars for vacations under the guise of ‘work related’ conferences.  

If anyone was to take the time to review the travel expenses and habits of our education administrators and superintendents (locally and statewide), you would see what looks like an A-list celebrity’s travel schedule. Any place with sun and beaches, Broadway shows, casinos or top notch tourist attractions will be the chosen conferences and symposiums of choice. Who can blame them though? We don’t have anyone in charge to pull back the reigns or say NO to them. Most are simply following the example of those higher up than they are. There is always a justification and often times, ones that sound reasonable, but we should all look at the jug picture and use common sense.

Now, you made read the article below and think that this is no big deal and all part of the job. BUT, I have to ask you……….are trips like this more important or more beneficial than resources for our teachers and students in our classrooms? Longitudinal data statistics symposiums and analysis of testing data conferences do not rank high on my list on a normal day, and they most certainly are not as important as kids having the books, technology and resources that they need or a teacher having supplies for their classrooms. I think that too many people have lost site of what is truly important. People have lost the ability to distinguish the difference between a want and a need. We have to be able to put things into perspective, and this is not happening in schools nationwide. Some of these people may have the best of intentions, but I think we all need to pay attention to the facts and to what we can afford IMO.



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