At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I almost hesitated bringing this issue to the forefront, but I definitely think it is worth sharing. Recently, the SES principal, Christy Johnston, decided (for the second time) that it would be a great idea to do renovations to the school without adhering to the asbestos management plan and federal guidelines. Once work was started on the school this past week, asbestos was again disturbed, and as a result, the school had to be shut down and employees sent to work at other schools. Where is she while all of this is happening? Of course, she is on vacation! We have all come to expect nothing less from her.

I was told by 2 former employees that she previously instructed a wall to be torn down and other work done without adhering to regulations. When she was told that asbestos was in the wall, the employees said that her reply was, “I don’t care. Tear it down anyway.” While some people may find my constant complaints about this principal to be redundant, I say that they are necessary and warrant action before she does more damage. Praise God that the kids weren’t in school.

If you don’t understand what the laws or requirements are for asbestos in schools, I am providing a link below. This is a serious issue and for the sake of the staff and all that spend time in this school, the safety of all should be of the utmost concern. If you think I am exaggerating this situation, I am happy to provide concerned parties with contact information to those in charge at the federal level and at MDEQ. I think most people remember that this is what started DCR in the beginning for me……dangerous building conditions for our students and staff.



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