So…….if you have been following along with this story, then you are aware of the controversy surrounding President Obama’s recent transgender bathroom policy for public school systems nationwide.  Many people in our state responded and not positively with the exception of the MS Department of Education’s State Superintendent Carey Wright.  After Governor Phil Bryant came out against this new policy and said MS would not follow it, Wright had her own statement.

After she said that MS would follow the policy, a firestorm erupted.  State Senator Angela Hill responded on her FB page.  You can read her commentary below.

More legislators took up the same sentiments as Senator Hill and sent the following letter to State Superintendent Carey Wright.

After this letter was sent by our DeSoto County House delegation and other Representatives to Carey Wright, our Senators had a letter for her too.  The Senators’ letter sided with the Representatives on this issue.  Not long thereafter, Wright began to backtrack somewhat from her prior statement.  Although it may appear that MS is in the clear for now, legislators and other statewide leaders have said to not let up on this issue.  Wright may plan to move forward on this issue after summer break.  For those that are concerned about this issue, I suggest that you pay close attention and don’t let your guard down.  Wright may have caved somewhat under the current pressure, but she can just as easily press the matter after summer has caused many to forget that this was ever an issue.
Stay tuned!  Stay informed and stay engaged!

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