On Tuesday, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann told Paul Gallo, host of the eponymous radio show on the Supertalk Mississippi network, “I’m going back to the governor and ask him to put the elections bill on the special session.” Hosemann said the bill — which would, among other things, tighten disclosure rules on political action committees, restrict the personal use of campaign funds and require full itemization of credit card expenses on campaign finance reports — was “fumbled by the Legislature.”

The Clarion Ledger conducted an in-depth look at campaign finance spending in a series “Public Office Private Gain” and described potential abuse of campaign funds for personal use by statewide elected officials and other elected officials including the purchase of clothing, personal trips, and un-itemized payments to credit cards and banks amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars for some officials.

Read the full story here:  http://onlinemadison.com/Content/EDITORIALS/Editorials/Article/PERRY-Reform-campaign-finance/3/3/37892


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