For those of you interested in reviewing the DeSoto County School district’s finances, here is the latest audit. You can review it by clicking on the following link: http://www.osa.ms.gov/documents/schools/2015/15sDesoto%20County%20School%20District-cpa.pdf.  

The two pictures below are of two pages in this 89 page document. It reflects the district’s total revenues and expenditures for the last 4 years. You can see that our revenues have exceeded our expenditures. It also reflects a $20,000,000 increase in state funding over the last 3 years. The second page reflects our district’s fund balances. I encourage all of you to review these documents, so you will have a clear understanding of our district’s financial status.  

There is always a lot of talk about school district funding. This report clearly outlines our district’s revenues from local, state and federal sources. It also shows our district’s investments, assets and debt. There is no better way to know where we stand financially than to review these financial statements. Take a look and see what you think.


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