It’s that time of the year again for citizens to review the DCS salaries and jobs district wide. The salaries that most people care about are those of the county office personnel. You can review those salaries on pages 262-316 of the following document.  

It does not appear that Weeks received a raise this year, but it is still hard to stomach her $151,050 salary knowing what all we know about her and her unethical and criminal activities. It is also hard to stomach the $165,000 being paid to the board attorney, who spends the majority of his day in court for his personal law firm even though he is on salary with the district full time. As tax payers, we have been paying the Treadway Law Firm to do work outside of the district work. Many sources have said that DCS has paid the law firm as much as $500,000-$700,000 in expenses in one year’s time. The purpose of putting Treadway on salary with the district full time was to cut down on legal expenses. All we have really done is paid him and his law firm staff as though they are DCS employees only to do actual work for the law firm (not the district). Ask any attorney or judge in town, and they will confirm this is true. I think citizens should review his contract. We should also review the time clock – clock ins for the legal department. I have a feeling there will be huge discrepancies. More on this later.

To see the salaries, click on the following link.


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