And people wonder why Mississippi has so much corruption in education, in our government and in general. Well let’s look at what is considered newsworthy and what is not.

Not considered newsworthy:
Recently, our Assistant Superintendent, Jennifer Weeks, was offered the position of superintendent in Pontotoc. She turned the job down, because the money and benefits could not possibly compete with the ‘sweetheart deal’ given to her here by our former superintendent. Now, I didn’t say anything about it, because quite frankly, I prayed this was our answer to her exiting our district. The truly alarming part of this story is WHY she would even be offered a position like that or how she maintains her employment with DCS. Weeks has admitted in court papers to having a subordinate employee supply her with amphetamine like drugs which is illegal, unethical and violates local board policy, state laws and the educator code of ethics. She has used tax payer dollars to fund personal things for herself that were not district related in any way. Weeks has used title funds in ways that they were never intended to be used such as buying highly expensive furniture for her office at the county office. She only worked this past summer for a total of maybe 10 days. Weeks has admitted to using her assistant at DCS to run personal errands for her during the day. She has cost the district millions in unnecessary programs purchased from friends and family members. She has lied about so many things that I could write a book just about her. She has never been a school assistant principal or principal which should disqualify her from ever becoming a superintendent. What has been done or reported in the news about this?! NOTHING!!!!  

Where are the reporters and education activists in regards to this?

Considered newsworthy:
The Clarion Ledger breaks a story about some of our statewide legislators (including our DeSoto delegation) because they are paying $175/month to live in ‘campers’ in a parking lot in downtown Jackson, MS at the convention center or fair grounds (whatever it is). Supposedly, this is newsworthy bc this same rate is not offered to the general public. WHAT?!!! What normal or sane person would want to live in a camper in downtown Jackson, MS for any extended period of time (no offense intended)?! There are zero amenities, constant police chases, gun fire, trains, cows and the stench of manure. Uh….yeah, doesn’t that sound great?! The Clarion Ledger calls this a ‘sweetheart deal’. I have been to what the legislators call the ‘camper caucus’. I have spent time with the legislators there in the parking lot. I wouldn’t pay $2/day to live there. Hats off to them for living frugally and generating funds for the city of Jackson that they would not otherwise receive. This is not a story!

It is stories like these that leave me baffled! Why don’t we have any real, investigative journalists or journalism in this state?! Why do people get all up in arms over the things that are so trivial and pay so little attention to the things that actually matter?! It is really sad!


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