Update from state Senator Angela Hill on more animal cruelty issues and updates about her bill to help fight this issue in the state of Mississippi.  MS Farm Bureau is trying to kill her bill.  We need everyone to contact your legislators and tell them to support this bill!!

Update from Senator Hill:

I just got a call from the Stone County newspaper. They found five puppies that had been hanged with the cords still around their necks in a grocery store plastic bag. He was interested in the chances of my bill passing that would strengthen punishment for these type acts against dogs and cats. Unfortunately MS Farm Bureau sent out messages and calls yesterday saying this was an extreme ” animal rights” bill that they wanted killed. At request of law enforcement, officer Joe Quave of the PRCSD and Wiggins Police chief Matt Barnett traveled to Jackson last year and met with Farm Bureau leadership regarding law enforcement’s limited ability under MS Law to only charge one misdemeanor count for even acts of heinous torture of domesticated animals no matter how many animals are involved in an incident. This was after the big seizure of the Australian Cattle dogs when the show PIT Bulls and Parolees came in to help us. These same perpetrators just moved a few miles and set up shop in the city of Picayune. A small fine is simply the cost of doing business for negligent breeders. MS has weaker laws than surrounding states so I’m afraid that we will continue to use taxpayer resources to deal with these situations. These dogs were missing eyeballs and such bad condition. This bill in no way affects livestock. I don’t appreciate the mischaracterization of an enforcement measure being painted as ” animal rights” to taint this bill. I believe a good lobbyist may have even lost her job because Chief Barnett was able to speak on this issue in committee last year. The issue was not supposed to be discussed in front of lawmakers. This is one example of why things don’t change, and we remain the incubator for such activity. I raise chickens and my neighbors raise cows. We are like old McDonald’s farm. I will always support farming, but I will fight to protect the public from social deviants. My bill also conforms MS reporting by LEA’s to the new 2016 FBI requirements for states to report animal abuse into the FBI national database through 4 categories. Some PRC board of supervisors members and several realtors discussed this need with me as well before we attempted to make changes to existing enforcement.


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