I have been hearing that campaigning in the school district is still hot and heavy even under our new leadership. I may be busy, but I ALWAYS know what is going on within DCS! As long as we have elected superintendents, we have a politician as a leader. Politicians do what politicians do…….lobby, raise money, make deals and find creative ways to ensure that they are re-elected in the future. Political careers are dependent upon financial donors, backers and telling the public what they want to hear (not what someone actually intends to do). A superintendent that is appointed keeps their job if they perform. We expect teachers to be evaluated and held accountable for more things than are even in their control, but we want an elected superintendent who is held accountable to no one?! The People shouldn’t have to wait 4 years to hold someone accountable and then pray a good person steps up to run, has the money to run and can find supporters while running against their boss!!!! 

It is time for people to wake up and stop the madness! The same people (educators, administrators, central office personnel) that have contributed to DCR, giving the public the truth about the problems within DCS are the same people that know how it needs to be fixed. It starts with appointing all superintendents and electing all school boards. That’s the truth! We don’t need a politician as the head of a district. We need someone who is focused on our children, our teachers and our schools…….not someone that spends their days politicking and making deals to ensure their political careers in the future.  

People have entrusted me to expose the problems, so these same people should trust me enough to know that I KNOW how to solve the problem. This isn’t about Heather Fox. This is about what is BEST for our kids and our schools!!!




One thought on “More Campaigning at DeSoto County Schools #AppointSuperintendents

  1. We need to defer this until the school board members have all been subject to reelection with the voters’ knowledge that the school board will choose the next superintendent. That was NOT the criteria that the current school board was elected on.

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