I want to say a big THANK YOU to our DeSoto Representatives Steve Hopkins, Dana Criswell, Dan Eubanks, Jeff Hale and Robert Foster as well as State Senator Michael Watson from Pascagoula and Mississippi Center for Public Policy’s Jameson Taylor for coming out last minute to an event in Jackson this past Thursday for Mississippi Values. I appreciate these gentlemen so much for taking the time to join us and update us on the activities in the legislature and the new economic development bill. It is so great to be able to meet with our representatives and hear from them directly about what is going on in Jackson. I called all of them hours before the meeting, and they all took the time to come by. I appreciate their hard work and willingness to keep in touch with us.

I also want to say thank you to Mike Hurst for visiting with us. He is such an incredible person, and it is a real shame that he is not our Attorney General in Mississippi. He is now working with the MS Center for Public Policy, and I think he will do an incredible job for them. It is always a pleasure visiting with him.

Meeting with people from all across the state is such an invaluable way to keep up with all that is going on in our state and see how we can all better work together for the betterment of Mississippi. Although I have been posting less these last couple of months, I assure you all that I am working harder than ever before for our state and our county. Stay tuned for updates on DCS.


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