Everyone wants to know what is going on in the schools. I am asked frequently what kind of job Mr. Uselton is doing. I am asked where is Jennifer Weeks and is Treadway still our school board attorney. What is going on with the Samsel lawsuit? Let me answer these questions for all of you.

First of all, I think Cory Uselton is doing a wonderful job as superintendent. People must understand that not everything in life is media worthy or visible to the masses. I voted for Cory Uselton and supported Mr. Uselton because I believe in him. Nothing has changed for me on that note. I am a big believer in giving those that I vote for a chance to do the job that we have elected them to do. I firmly believe that he is doing a great job and will continue to do a great job for DeSoto County Schools. He needs our support, and I will continue to give him mine.

As for Weeks and Treadway, there is a large group of DeSoto County citizens that are going after those two full force. Mr. Uselton cannot do everything immediately and by himself. Reports are going to be filed to MDE, the AG’s office, the Ethics Commission and the Auditor’s office. There has been so much to happen that violates our laws and ethics that now is the time for citizens to move full force ahead in getting rid of these individuals and I can assure you that we are! I have learned that patience is a virtue and especially if a long term, effective result is what is desired. Justice is not always swift, but we will not stop until it has been served.

As for the Samsel lawsuit, there has been so much to happen that I cannot possibly get into it all in this one post. I am in the process of compiling everything to share with all of you. The actions and behaviors of the small group of circus clowns at OBHS have been so disturbing, unethical, illegal and atrocious that it will take me some time to find the words and explain it to all of you. I promise to share ALL of the information with you and give you all of the behind the scenes details that you need to know.  

If there are questions about the district or things happening in the district, please do not hesitate to ask me. Obviously, I have been very busy working on the Trump Campaign, but please do not feel that I am out of the loop. I promise you that I am not. I will have many updates for you to come. Stay tuned and feel free to continue to message me with your concerns! Our schools and their well being are of utmost concern to me! It takes all of us coming together to make sure that our students and teachers are taken care of.


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