The full deposition of Greg Abernathy has been released. I am attaching a link to it for you all to read. The significance of his deposition to me is about so much more than even the Samsel lawsuit. His deposition shows how people that work in the system, have kids in the system and/or have family members in the system ‘THINK’ that they should know more than I do about situations and in turn spread gossip as truth. I have been accused of a lot of things over the last 3-4 years when reporting on our schools, but none of the accusations are true. A liar I am not. I stand by every word that I have ever written!

Reading Abernathy’s deposition also gives us all insight into how rumors get started and spread like a virus through the system and without regard for others’ well being. And the biggest irony of all here is the fact that Mr. Abernathy claimed to the school board that I am a gossip and bully who should be stopped and ignored, yet he admits to never reading my page and having no facts or evidence to prove his claims……….just gossip spread by those that have the absolute most to lose.

The screen shots attached below are to Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Weeks’s deposition. They are HER words…….no on else’s. The person asking the questions is Samsel’s attorney, and Weeks answered the questions. (This is JW’s testimony referencing her illegal possession and use of a controlled substance that she regularly obtained from a subordinate employee of hers). Mr. Abernathy, Andy Orr and Donnie Weeks have all written derogatory and untruthful things about me, claiming things that are absolutely false! I don’t know if Sneaky Pants lies to her husband and friends or if Mr. Weeks was worried about his wife’s possible job loss over her actions. One must understand that when your wife makes $155,000 (approximately) per year and he only makes about $50,000 per year, they stand to lose a lot as a family if she were to be terminated. It would be bye-bye Florida home, boat and house with pool. A $50,000 salary, one income family could not possibly carry that kind of financial load alone. Of course, I would expect him to defend his wife and considering Orr is BFFs with the Weeks family, I would expect nothing less than for them to try and cover up her lies and actions. Abernathy, having issues with me already over the twerking video, cared nothing for truth and simply looked at jumping on something/anything that could possibly paint me in an unfavorable light. This is how rumors get started.

The thing that has troubled me from day one about the Samsel lawsuit is the amount of people that claim to ‘KNOW’ things that they couldn’t possibly know. We have grown adults in a school acting worse than the teenagers they are supposed to be setting an example for. This small group of individuals have no regard for others and have constantly and consistently been the biggest gossips and rumor mill, pot stirrers that I have ever seen. God help you if they don’t like you, because they will try to destroy you. Well……they can keep trying with me, but I am not going anywhere! The truth is the truth whether they care to admit it, know it or not!  

My concern all along has been the well being of our schools and above all else OUR STUDENTS!! We have incredible educators and students in the system! They don’t deserve being stuck in an environment with a small group of unethical, immoral, gossiping pot stirrers who are simply running their own agendas for their own personal gains.  

(Maybe someone can forward ALL of this information to Orr, Weeks and Abernathy).

Here is a link to Greg Abernathy’s full deposition:  

Here is a link to Jennifer Weeks’s full deposition (screen shots attached below of JW’s testimony can be found on pages 18 and 19):  


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