I am attaching a link to a recent article in the DeSoto Times Tribune in regard to the hiring of a new coach at OBHS.  After reading this article, I have to ask why it comes across as though there is a ‘coach’ issue at OBHS in the sense of being able to keep one. Clearly, The school does NOT have a coaching problem. It has an administration problem. As long as Allyson Killough is principal and her small team of circus clowns remain, there WILL be issues at OBHS. I can’t comprehend how the problem is not obvious to the masses?

OBHS has some excellent educators, coaches and students! That has NEVER been in question or viewed as the issue. A very small group is the only issue the school has.

Now, there are a lot of updates to the Samsel case that I haven’t shared and that have exposed some of the most disturbing, evil things about that small group. I pray for OBHS, because the students and staff deserve better than this small group that cares only about themselves, destroying others and keeping their lies covered up. No good coach will ever stay at a place with this kind of constant nonsense happening. That’s a fact!

I hope and pray for much success for this coach, because OBHS students need and deserve some stability and solid leadership!  

Read the following article about the new coach here:



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