People across the country have grown increasingly fed up with governmental intrusion into our daily lives. One area that we find this to be especially true is education. With this in mind, I want to share a scenario with you. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with a medical document sent home, Common Core or more data mining and standardized tests. Read the following passage and then after reading this hypothetical situation, share your thoughts on it.

A former teacher’s assistant at your child’s school sues your child’s principal and school district for wrongful termination of employment. This is a civil rights case based on discrimination bc of a disability. The principal, however, claims the TA was terminated for insubordination. An alleged incident at the school was the basis for the principal’s decision to terminate the employee. As with many lawsuits, it drags out. Realizing a major financial loss may happen for the district and the principal if no new evidence is presented, the school board attorney, principal and a teacher at the school do the unthinkable. They coerce 4 students into signing a paper, stating the former TA allegedly did something wrong that warranted the principal’s decision to fire the person. The students were not clear as to what they were signing nor were any parents consented about these affidavits or even told about the situation. The students had no legal representation of any kind and no parental guidance. These documents claimed to be sworn affidavits, holding the minor students liable for perjury under the law. The students are made to believe that these documents are no big deal and no one will ever see them. Unfortunately, this case ends up drawing national attention, and the media jumps all over it. Parents of the students find out from a news story (months later) that their kids have signed these affidavits. They were submitted as evidence in the case and used against the TA. Not only that, but the documents were not truthful. The students feel incredibly bad about the situation after realizing just what all has occurred, and one student was not even a student at the school when this alleged incident happened (although he/she signed the paper anyway).

What do you think about this situation as a parent? 

How would you feel if one of the students in this situation was your child?  

What do you think should happen here? 

Would it bother you that a school board attorney would participate in something like this that he/she knows is not legal since minors cannot sign legal documents?

Shouldn’t our children be able to go to school and be protected from a situation like this? What gives anyone the right to even suggest this is ok?

I would love to hear your feedback on this situation, because the reality is………..this could happen to any of our kids and may have happened already.


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