Today’s children and teenagers face a much larger and broader scope of issues than most of us 35 and older ever did. As parents in an ever increasing stressful world that shows little forgiveness to those that cannot keep up or that encounter obstacles along the way, we often overlook or do not pick up on the problems our children face. After all, our adult problems can be all consuming. Where does that leave our children though?

There is nothing more heart breaking than a child or teen that feels their life is not worth living and decides to end their life as a result. Once they have made such a final decision, there is no last chance to tell them just how much they were loved or how important they were to us. And no matter how great of a parent we are, it is still very possible to not be aware of just how much our children may be hurting on the inside. Teen suicide is a terrible issue that needs to be addressed, and it takes parents coming together and being aware of the issues our kids are faced with today.

Bullying, cyber bullying, drugs, alcohol, child pornography, sex trafficking, gangs, rape, mental issues, peer pressure, teen prostitution, child abuse, neglect, problems at school, fights with friends and social media issues are all very serious, very real and can affect any of our kids. It is easier to believe that our child would never be impacted by any of those things than to have to face the truth, but it doesn’t change the reality. Why any child or teenager chooses to take their life is for many different reasons. The important thing is for our kids to be able to talk to us or to have someone they trust and feel comfortable talking to.

I am sharing a link below from the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. It provides some startling facts and figures about suicide in Mississippi.

Please, if you have children, stay informed and stay engaged! If you are a child or teen in trouble, please use the resources below. I am providing hotlines and resources for you! Don’t make a decision that you can’t change. Reach out for help, because there are plenty of us out here that will gladly help you anyway that we can! And for parents that need support, there is support group information below. Don’t face this alone!!! Please reach out for help!!

Statistics link attached below:

Hotlines for Teens and Adolescents Considering Suicide:

Parent Support Group Information:


2 thoughts on “Teen Suicide and Suicide Prevention

  1. Let’s forget for a moment that teenagers have the right to die like anyone else.

    Why, of all these things you listed, the education system and parenting aren’t in big bold?

    Protecting children is one of the most harmful things you can do them (Parrots self-harm too). Schools are jails. They’re pointless, exist only to pass the time. The whole education system must be destroyed and re-built again.

    It’s rational to commit suicide when you’re in school. It’s a pointless life inside a jail where nothing really happens. Your work is pointless and not challenging. You’re given little time to socialize. What kind of life is that?

    We cannot talk about teen suicide without talking about the education system. It’s one of the most harmful things.

  2. We would love to learn more at United to Fight Suicide on Sept. 24, 2016 from 10 am – noon at Horn Lake High. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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