The video shared at the bottom of this post is not surprising to me, but it is still alarming that a person has no qualms about hating kids and being in an educational business FOR THE MONEY!  To be fair, not everyone likes their careers (I suppose), but when it comes to education, we hope that our educators, former educators and educational vendors got into their professions because of a genuine love for children.

Thank you, Brandie Correro, for sharing this on MS Common Core, because this is what I have been trying to get people to realize. The people that tell you, “It’s all about the kids” are lying to you! ITS ALL ABOUT THE  M O N E Y!!!!!!! That’s the truth!! Educational vendors and publishers are out to make money! Education has turned into one of the largest for profit industries in our country!! And the people leading the way, in most cases don’t even really like kids! Kickbacks to superintendents, administrators and school districts is common place! The education leaders then sell a bunch of crap to teachers that they know is crap bc they are making money!!!

Watch this video and see for yourself. It is one of many that show the truth. I wish with all of my heart that it WAS about the kids for these people, but money and power change even the best of people. This is just one example, proving that it is all about the money!
Link to video:  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c8tZGl1SVs0
Snippets from the video:
How sad is this?  When will people wake up and see things for what they truly are?!



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