School Digger has finally released the Mississippi elementary school rankings. I am providing the DCS elementary school rankings here. For all of the specific details for each school or for other school rankings in the state, click on the link at the bottom of this post.

DCS Elementary School Rankings (out of 410 ranked schools):
7 – Pleasant Hill Elementary

11 – Lewisburg Elementary

18 – Oak Grove

22 – Center Hill Elementary

35 – DeSoto Central Elementary

40 – Overpark

74 – Lake Cormorant Elementary

152 – Southaven Intermediate

189 – Southaven Elementary

256 – Horn Lake Intermediate

The following DCS elementary schools were not ranked: Chickasaw, OBES, Horn Lake Elementary, Greenbrook, OBIS and none of the primary schools. This is no fault of the schools and should not be interpreted as such. These schools either did not have tested students or a lack of test results and other pertinent data reported to allow School Digger to rank them. School Digger ranks schools based on several criteria. If they did not have enough information to rank a school, they leave the school as unranked. I encourage you to go to the website for all of the details and specifics.



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