I am sharing this message for a friend of mine, and I know that she is not alone in her thoughts on this issue.

DUI Laws in Mississippi 

“Tomorrow is the first day of the legislative session in Mississippi. I have sent out the following message to every DeSoto Rep. and DeSoto Senator. I will get more information going forward but now is the time to get things done!! Now is the time to start calling, messaging and sending emails!!

 Our desire is to see every DUI offense in the entire State of Mississippi be recorded into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), a national data base that every law enforcement agency and judicial system has access to in order for them to see if a person has any pending DUI charges or any convictions of DUI so someone can never have seven DUI’s and kill two seventeen year old girls and harm three others again. In this case the driver had seven DUIs and they were all seven considered “first time offenses” because they were all in different counties and different time frames in Mississippi. This MUST change for our State!! They are NOT recorded in the NCIC data base. The only way we even found out about the SEVEN DUIs was when a news reporter (Andy Wise) literally had to call or go to every county in MS to find out if this man had been charged with DUI. It is appalling!! They are still processing people for DUIs by a paper trail like it is 1960. The law MUST be changed so we don’t have to lose family, friends and other innocent lives!! Tougher laws and regulations on DUIs in Mississippi!! I’m ready to go to battle. Something has to be done and it needs to be done now!!!”


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