For those of you that want to keep up with, volunteer for and/or get the latest information on the Trump campaign and events in Mississippi, please join the FB page below. Due to my position with the campaign, I cannot have my personal FB page filled up with campaign posts and information, and I must keep the official campaign posts down to a limited a number on DCR. You are welcome to private message me anytime or send me an email at hfox@donaldtrump.com.  

Although I am the North Mississippi Field Director for the campaign, I am helping our State Director and MS Trump Campaign Committee with statewide activities, volunteers and organization of campaign team until all of the staff has been hired. Please use the FB page below or my personal campaign email for all questions that you may have.  

Thank you! 🇺🇸


5 thoughts on “Donald Trump Mississippi FB Page and Campaign Info

  1. I would like to volunteer to help make America Great again, in Desoto County!
    Also would like to know if Mr Trump is coming around this area!

    • Mr. Trump will be in Millington on Saturday, and we would love for you to volunteer for the campaign. You are welcome to come by our office in Horn Lake. Call the office at 662-772-0539.

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