What will the salary be for the next superintendent of DeSoto County Schools?  

This question has yet to be answered and will not be known until the January 4, 2016 school board meeting. The DeSoto Times article below discusses this topic along with the salaries of other superintendents around the state. Personally speaking, I don’t think using those salaries is a good basis for determining a salary since many of them are overpaid and most especially considering the failing reports on many of their districts. Mississippi has quite a broad range of unique characteristics for each district in the state, and they aren’t always good comparables to use in determining what DeSoto needs.

The superintendent of our district has to be the highest paid person in the district. Considering Treadway currently makes roughly $170,000 and Weeks makes roughly $160,000, Mr. Uselton would have to make more than them or the board would be forced to reduce their salaries if they intend on paying Uselton anything less than $170,000. The state has a recommendation of approximately $5-$5.50/student for the pay. If that was used to determine the salary, Mr. Uselton would be making around $175,000/year. Ultimately, it will be up to the board to determine.

As principal of DeSoto Central High School, Mr. Uselton made just over $100,000/year. It would stand to reason that he would expect to be bumped up considerably higher from his current salary, considering the overwhelming amount of additional responsibilities and duties that he will have as superintendent versus his principal job and duties. Guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

I think most people would expect our superintendent to be compensated fairly and reasonably for the job duties and responsibilities he will have. I also think most people are probably more concerned about all of the other salaries and positions at the county office over that of our new superintendent. Time will tell, because the change is coming and very soon!

Read the article here:


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