Here is another great article that a friend shared with me, concerning a school district in Florida. It also happens to be DeSoto County, but it is NOT our DeSoto. I am sharing this article, because these are issues we have faced locally, statewide and nationally. People need to be aware of the wrong doing that has occurred, so we can put a stop to it in the future. Do not think for a minute that these issues are isolated to the one district mentioned in the article. These same violations happen every day in every state.

Here are the alleged violations against their superintendent. The violations include appointing two employees to a non-existent position, approving a two-year contract with a forged signature, falsified contracts, not reporting the budgets in a timely manner and reporting inaccurate figures are just some of the accusations being made against the DeSoto County superintendent in Arcadia, Florida.

The school board has reported their concerns to their state’s governor.  
“I think we have to report that to the appropriate authorities or we might be guilty of something ourselves,” a board member said.

Read the full story here: http://www.winknews.com/2015/12/09/desoto-county-superintendent-of-school-could-face-criminal-charges/.


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