I am very aware of the stress that many DCS employees are under right now due to the state audit of records. I have been hearing about MSIS clerks working many, many hours of overtime and not being paid for those hours. This is not the first or only time this has happened, but it seems to be more prevalent now with the audit taking place. The MSIS clerks are not the only hourly employees that I have heard are not being paid for overtime. As an hourly employee, you can NOT be required to work overtime and not be compensated for it. That is absolutely illegal.

If you think that you are not being fairly compensated or compensated as the law dictates, here are my suggestions for you.

1. If you have a contract of any kind, at-will or otherwise, review it thoroughly. Make sure you are familiar with the terms of your contract if one was signed.  Consult with an attorney.

2. Contact the Mississippi district office for the U.S. Department of Labor and discuss your situation with them. When it comes to hourly employees and overtime, they will be able to help you best. See their contact information below.

We are very close to Mr. Uselton taking over as superintendent. Currently, we are in a state of limbo until everything ‘officially’ changes hands. You can always email Mr. Uselton with any concerns that you have. You can also contact a school board member and express your concerns to him/her. These are all options that you have. I know in several situations (past and present), principals have tried to get help with this issue and were met with resistance or no help at all from the county office. Hang in there and know that there are options and means for help.  

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.


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