Abernathy was questioned about a letter he emailed to the DCS school board about me and which was in turn widely disseminated to most of the DCS staff districtwide. In the email, he made comments about me being angry with Killough because she fired a coach that wouldn’t come to work and stole money from the school. His reference to the coach (although not mentioned by name) was most definitely implied to be in reference to Coach Samsel. I don’t know of any other coach that she has fired and I have supported.  

I will say this. I am always amazed at the nerve and audacity people have to accuse me of spreading gossip, and then, when questioned, they admit to not having any proof that I have ever lied about anything. In this case, Abernathy had to admit to being the one that was simply spreading gossip. You would hope that a person wouldn’t waste the board’s time by making baseless and slanderous claims against others. Just because a person doesn’t think I should know something or doesn’t know HOW I know something in no way means that I don’t. Read for yourself and come to your own conclusions.  

Abernathy’s Deposition: https://app.box.com/s/bh4ksav4c4afyqv6ux1kjost81xng84y

This should also be noted. It was stated that Andy Orr and Steve Dodd encouraged Greg to write to the board about me. Greg has known Dodd from church since he was a teenager. Andy Orr (HLHS Principal), Donnie Weeks (Jennifer Weeks’s husband and HLHS athletic director) and Brad Boyette (HLHS Head Coach) are all close friends and used to work at OBHS. Abernathy was working at HLHS at the time of this event. They are also good friends with Connie Lambert, Eric Rombaugh and a couple of others at OBHS. It becomes more and more obvious to me how this all came about. Besides the OBHS clique, their counter parts at HLHS wanted to protect Jennifer Weeks, since she admitted to committing a crime in her deposition. They had no problem spreading lies and gossip to discredit others in an attempt to save those they care about. It truly is sad!!!

Here are some additional documents, including a timeline of events, proof of how I get these court documents, a private email to me from Greg and texts about me from Rombaugh. Read these and see what you really think happened here.

Additional Documents: https://app.box.com/s/d5a90ga1inbihydqcmfdbg5nsep36iyw

*Side Note: There are a few pages missing from Abernathy’s deposition. The school district’s attorneys did not submit his entire deposition into evidence with the court. The only available pages through the courts at this time are the ones I have shared. I hope the entire deposition will be posted at some point, but for now, this is what we have.


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