Mississippi State Senator Angela Hill has been asked by law enforcement to help strengthen the animal cruelty and abuse law in Mississippi. For those of you in MS that have interest in helping with this cause, let me know. We need to make this happen!

There is no one that I had rather have fight for this cause in the legislature other than Angela Hill. She is a fighter! Senator Hill needs to first hear from us in emails, letting her know that she has our support on this issue and that we want a law that combats the kind of cruelty displayed in the article below. She needs these to show legislators that we are serious about this issue. Her email address is ahill@senate.ms.gov. Write to her today.

This is what Senator Hill had to say:
MS has the second weakest dog and cat cruelty law in the nation. The FBI now collects crime stats on animal abuse because they believe it is a precursor to crimes against humans. Law enforcement officials have asked me personally to strengthen this law. I’ll need your support.



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