We all have things in this life that are important and personal to us. As parents, our days are often filled with countless hours in the car, running our kids around from one activity to another. For those that are educators and sponsors of extra curricular activities for students, you spend countless hours in the classroom and dedicated to the activity you have chosen to sponsor. The majority of us put our hearts and souls into the things that we have chosen to support on behalf of our children and the students of our schools. With this in mind, I want to remind all of the adults of the most important things to remember during these hectic days.

Every student and every child matters! Every thing that our students and children choose to do is important to them and their development and education. No matter what activities they may choose or if they haven’t quite found their ‘thing’, everything they do matters!

As parents and educators, we must not allow ourselves to focus on the perceived attention or emphasis given to our children’s and students’ chosen activities. We must focus on the value of every educational and extra curricular experience in their lives. Football games may draw bigger crowds than basketball games. Athletics may draw larger crowds than debate, choir or knowledge bowl. Band may receive more accolades than performing arts or the chess club. JROTC or vocational achievements may be completely overlooked at times, but regardless of the activity and the attention it receives, THEY ALL MATTER!!! They are all opportunities for our children and contribute to the people that our children will become. 

Some children may not find anything special to them to join, and those kids matter just as much as the standouts in each of the activities mentioned above. They need encouragement, love and support just like the others. As adults, we will fail these kids if we fight over whose activity is the most important and make these kids feel that their extra curricular activities and associated accomplishments determine their value in this world.

Education happens in and out of the classroom. Grades matter, but who our kids become matters more. Academics is very important, but our kids need a full array of experiences and opportunities to become successful, independent and well rounded adults. To make this happen, it takes all of us supporting each other and remembering that everything we work so hard to do must always be for the benefit of the kids. Adults set the example for the children and students in this community. We must not fail them by being too busy focusing on only those things that are meaningful and personal to us. It all matters!

This was weighing on my heart, and I felt I needed to say it. I know I have been posting about the Samsel lawsuit, and I don’t want anyone to think that football is the reason why for me. All of these kids and schools matter!! Every activity is extremely important and should be to each one of us. Sometimes, it seems that the adults are the ones to lose sight of this. When we do, it is the kids that suffer, so I just encourage all of you to think about this. Remember that all of these children need us, and everything they do matters!


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