Here is my summary of Killough’s deposition with some points of interest concerning her recent and prior testimony with a link to her deposition and Coach Pool’s deposition at the end.

Killough claims in her deposition that she could not rehire Coach Samsel (after firing Toungett), because it would have created turmoil for the school. Killough also claimed to not know that reinstatement of Samsel’s job was a part of the lawsuit until after she started the hiring process for the new coach. She said that the OBHS teachers do NOT want Scott back. Killough discussed this and came to this decision with Todd Nichols, Mike Murphy and Sid McNeil. When asked the names of the teachers that did not want him back or had a problem with him, these are the teachers that she named and in the order she named them.

1. Mandy Payne Shackelford

2. Vickie Sullivan

3. Billie Leath

4. Connie Lambert

5. Eric Rambaugh

6. Michael Evans

I find this list very interesting for so many reasons. First one being that Mandy Shackelford and her family are friends with the Samsels, and Mandy’s family goes to the same church as Jackie Samsel. Scott’s grandparents and Mandy’s grandparents were close friends, so their families go way back. If she had a problem with Scott, why not handle it like adults behind closed doors? Why not speak with him personally about any issues and resolve them on their own?! Instead, Mandy has taken to social media to make snarky comments and has posted childish pictures aimed at me. Guess I understand now why she has behaved this way (since I have been outspoken in my support of Scott Samsel). If she acted like this with me, why wouldn’t she do the same to Scott?! At least Killough has now shed some light onto this for us, and the Samsels now know where they stand with Mandy Payne Shackelford.

Next, we have Vickie Sullivan. In the first round of depositions, Killough testified that the uncle of one of her teachers had complained about Scott to her (Killough). Killough said the uncle expressed some discontent between his niece and Coach Samsel. That uncle was none other than Edgar Lee Treadway, who is Vickie Sullivan’s uncle. Edgar Lee is also the uncle of our superintendent’s son in-law and the uncle of our school board attorney, Keith Treadway. Edgar Lee Treadway also has a supervisor or higher position at the DCS central office. He is in charge of security. Do I really need to say more?!!!

Billie Leath is the ALC teacher. For clarification purposes, it should be noted that she is NOT a certified teacher. She watches over the kids in in-school suspension. Her angst has been with athletes being pulled out of ALC and disciplined by their coaches instead of completing their ALC time. That has been a big point of contention for her. It should be noted though that nothing was ever done without the principal’s permission.

This next one is my favorite, because I have been falsely accused in the past of having some personal issue with Connie Lambert. There are those that have tried to deny that she had any problem with Coach Samsel, yet now, we are FINALLY seeing Killough admit that Lambert did not get along with Scott. Lambert did not want him at the school.   

Connie Lambert is the teacher that dared Rambaugh to take a picture of his private parts and send it to her. It was admitted by Rambaugh in his deposition that Lambert did in fact see a picture of his private parts. Connie was the one in the twerking video with Abernathy and another dancing video by herself (that everyone seems to forget about). Connie is also the teacher that students have shared pictures of her talking on her cell phone in the middle of class and is known for her crazy antics. It has also been admitted that she has an extremely close relationship with Eric Rambaugh which brings me to the next person on the list.

Eric Rambaugh did not want Scott back at the school, according to Killough. He testified in his first deposition that he does not get along with Scott or like him. Samsel had to verbally reprimand Rambaugh on a couple of occasions. One of the reprimands concerned Rambaugh’s players leaving the weight room in a mess. Another issue was Rambaugh allowing a player(s) to soak their feet in a water cooler that the football team drank out of. Rambaugh is also the one that Killough testified to (in both depositions) as being a big source of the adverse information she was given about Samsel. He is also the same person that was given Samsel’s athletic director position once gone. It seems pretty obvious here that this little clique of friends/co-workers wanted Scott gone.

 As for Michael Evans, I am not familiar with him and will not make any comments in regards to anything he may or may not have said. Hopefully, you can see the rest of the list for what it is and determine on your own how this all really went down.

Moving on to the next issue, I want to discuss two statements Killough made in her recent deposition (pages 19 and 54). On page 19, Killough was asked if she thought it was a radical move to remove a long-term successful football coach, as she had described as being popular in the community, for a young principal who had just come in. Her response: “If you recall, I was an assistant principal for six years prior, so I had approximately seven years of knowledge of working with Coach Samsel.” On page 54, Killough is asked again what dealings she had with Coach Samsel. How had she worked with him. Her response: “Pretty much non-existent. He and Mr. Brigance were very, very close. They handled football. I handled academics.”

What we have here are two, completely conflicting answers. On the one hand, she had seven years experience of working with him, making her decision to remove him justified and not radical at all. Yet, on the other hand, she admits to their work interactions and relationship as being non-existent. Hmmmm……which is it? Non-existent or 6 years of experience?!! Occupying the same general area or space is not the same as experience of working with someone. You have to interact with someone to have actual experiences with and knowledge of a person. And let’s not forget this tidbit. Killough admitted in her first deposition to not liking Scott from practically Day 1. So what is the truth here?!

My next question would be in reference to WHAT Samsel was actually hired to do. If Scott was hired primarily as a teacher first and secondarily as a coach (as Killough and MK claimed) and Killough handled academics, why didn’t they ever work together in the course of 6+ years? IF Samsel was hired as a teacher first, then Killough should have had many interactions with him over the 6 years, but she has admitted that their relationship was non-existent. What is the truth here? What was Samsel actually hired to do?!

It seems to me that Samsel was hired as a coach and not as a teacher, and that one of the problems here is the district’s contractual agreements falsely representing what certain employees actually do, putting teachers and coaches at odds with one another oftentimes. The district falsifies information to the state to obtain money from MAEP that they would not otherwise be able to obtain and in turn creates nothing but chaos in the district. Something needs to be done to correct this problem!

Another point that I would like to mention here concerns the staff schedules at OBHS. Killough admitted to being the one responsible for making the teachers and coaches schedules in her first deposition. She also admitted that Scott only taught one class for one nine weeks period and had, in previous years, taught zero classes. With this being said, WHY did Scott’s schedule in the MSIS system on the personnel report reflect that he taught a full load of classes each year? The schedule uploaded to the state by OBHS reflected a class load that was absolutely false, and Killough admitted to being the one responsible for the schedules. Why has she not been punished for falsifying information to the state? Did we receive money for those units from the state through MAEP? If so, that is a BIG problem!!! Why has this issue not been addressed? Again, this reflects dishonesty and a lack of integrity on Killough’s part (IMO).

Other bullet points of interest from her deposition:
1. She referred to Scott as a legend, a successful coach with a winning record and a state championship, a hard act to follow. (Uh……then why fire him)?!

2. Admitted to a 6 football coach turnover since she became principal.

3. Claimed that Lisa Ransom was told to posts things on social media by Samsel, but she had no proof and admitted that Lisa could have received her information from other sources.

4. Admits numerous times to basing her decisions on unsubstantiated rumors and hearsay spread by those that did not like Scott.

5. Admits that she was intimidated by Scott, but she could never give even one example of anything he had ever done to her or in her presence that was volatile or threatening, justifying her feelings of intimidation.

There are so many changes and inconsistencies in all of their stories. What is the truth?! I definitely have my opinions. Read these 2 depositions and see what you think.

Allyson Killough deposition:  
Leslie Pool deposition:  


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