More depositions in the Samsel case have been released. Today, I am sharing Milton Kuykendall’s deposition. This was taken because of additional lawsuits brought against Milton Kuykendall and Greg Abernathy in their individual capacities by Scott Samsel for slander and defamation stemming from a letter Abernathy sent to the school board in May of this year, and Kuykendall, in turn, sent out to DCS employees, instructing administrators to send it out to all 4000+ staff members.  

Kuykendall was first questioned about the circumstances surrounding this incident. Here are 3 points of interest.

1. Milton says that he is NOT technology savvy.

2. He admits to being technology ignorant.

3. Milton claims that he didn’t know when you reply to an email someone sends you that all of the prior correspondence is included in your response to that person. He also claimed to not know that when you forward an email to someone (that has been sent to you) the entire email chain will be included in the email forwarded.

We need to keep in mind that these statements are being made by the superintendent of the largest school district in the state of Mississippi and who makes MULTI MILLION DOLLAR decisions about technology for our schools, yet he doesn’t know what happens when you forward an email that has been sent to you. Milton Kuykendall is either the biggest liar you will ever meet or we have a circus clown as the brains of the operation for DeSoto County Schools. Either way, this speaks volumes about our district’s leadership.

He goes on to say in his deposition that he was talking to school board president Steve Dodd about Greg Abernathy’s letter to the board while bush hogging. He was frustrated bc he couldn’t get his bush hog hooked up. He didn’t read Abernathy’s email and claimed to not knowing that it was in the email he sent to staff. He was obviously too preoccupied with his bush hog frustration to pay attention to what was going on with Dodd, Abernathy or at school. And it should be noted that this is all going on during the work day, but where is MK?!! He was home bush hogging. According to Milton, he investigated nothing. He just sent out Dodd and Abernathy’s email without any thought, from his cell phone, while on his bush hog during the school day. And this, my friends, is a man that people trust. No thought, no research, no investigation into a matter, just sending out a random email exchange from his bush hog during the work day. His defense is technology ignorance and bush hog difficulties!!

We must also keep in mind that Milton Kuykendall was first sent this email exchange by Sheila Riley on May 20, during the work day. Dodd didn’t respond to Greg’s email and Sheila’s response until May 21, according to the date and time stamps on the emails. Dodd and Riley both cc Milton Kuykendall in their emails, so Milton would have received an email on the 20th, one on the 21st and then 2 phone calls about this situation (according to his deposition testimony). Yet again, he claimed to know nothing about any of this and that he never read Abernathy’s email. He just randomly sent out this email and told teachers to have at me. He knew nothing about the situations being discussed. He did not know if there was any validity to the claims being made. He just wanted the teachers to be able to have at me. All else was of no concern to him. Liar, circus clown or BOTH?!!! You decide.

It is stated in Milton’s deposition that he was present for Greg Abernathy’s deposition. Milton admitted to hearing Greg testify that he was simply spreading gossip in his letter to the board. Abernathy had ZERO proof of any wrong doing on Samsel’s part. He simply spread gossip. When Abernathy was asked if he had proof of anything that I have ever lied about on this page, he testified that he doesn’t really know if I have ever lied about anything. Yet, Dodd had no problem jumping to support Abernathy and calling and emailing Milton to get the teachers on board to have at me. NOT ONE PERSON gave me an opportunity to defend myself, Scott a chance to defend his self, made a retraction or put any effort into finding out the truth. Again, these are the people that teachers and citizens trust for accurate information and the same people accusing me of being a gossip queen. Lord help us all!!!

Milton states in his deposition that there is no truth to the claims that Scott stole money from the school. That was never an issue. Milton also stated that Scott did not refuse to go to the alternative school. He called in sick and used his sick days. If you read my post a day or two ago, then you now know WHY Samsel called in sick. He was suffering from extreme hypertension and a cancer reoccurrence. Subsequently, Scott had to have surgery to remove the tumor during the time in question. So while all of this is going on in the real world, the circus clowns are out running their mouths, spreading gossip and caring absolutely nothing about the truth or the people whose lives they were negatively impacting!

There is more to this story and more depositions to come. I will let you read Milton’s today, and I will post Allyson Killough’s tomorrow or this weekend. Her deposition has so many contradictions that it is taking me time to go through and reference them all. Stay tuned!

Link to Kuykendall’s deposition:


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