There has been much discussion over the results of the 42 vote. There are questions as to why so many people voted against changing the constitution, yet the actual 42 received more support than 42A by a large number. It really is not that complicated. As my husband told me, he saw no sense in voting for 42 or 42A, because he didn’t believe we should change the constitution at all. He left the second question blank for that reason. Many others have told me the same thing.  

Some people that supported changing the constitution didn’t have an opinion as to whether 42 or 42A won. They just simply supported the idea of changing the constitution if it was necessary and took no stance on the second question. There was no significant variation in the number that supported changing the constitution and those that supported 42. The difference was roughly 9,000 votes as opposed to 100,000 votes variation (approximately) between the ‘don’t change the constitution votes’ and 42A. People that didn’t want to change the constitution felt strongly enough in their decision to not support 42 or 42A.

Regardless of the results of this vote, we need to re-evaluate our funding and expenditures. The biggest problem I have seen for school districts is not knowing how much money they are going to receive each year. If they aren’t sure how much they will be short changed (if not fully funded), it makes it very difficult to plan and budget for the upcoming school year. We need to look at this issue and find a way to resolve it.

Read this article from the Clarion Ledger and see what’s next for 42 supporters.



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