Some people have been asking about the results of our test scores. Hopefully, this article is a sign that they will be released very soon.

Read the article below for details on the release of the Mississippi high schools’ state test scores:


Here is an excerpt from the article.
By Chris Kieffer
Daily Journal
TUPELO – Mississippi high schools received official results this morning of the first tests their students took on the new, more rigorous, Mississippi College and Career-Ready Standards.
Results reflect tests taken by high school students in algebra and English 2 that were developed by the Partnership for Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC). Third- to eighth-grade test scores will be released in December.
Across the state, students scored better in English than in algebra, but that was expected because the state’s old English curriculum more closely matched the new standards than did the math standards.
Nearly half of the 32,000 students who took the English 2 state test scored at least a Level 4 on the test, a mark that equates with them having a strong understanding of the subject. About 27 percent of students reached that mark on the algebra test, which was taken by about 40,000 students.


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