Sam Hall, Executive Director of the Clarion Ledger, wrote a great article today concerning the Ballot 42 Initiative.  I was a little surprised about the stance he is taking on this issue.  Hall is a known Democrat and has been a known advocate for public education and fully funding the MAEP.  
Here is a brief excerpt from his article:
“Few issues have me as torn as Initiative 42. I have always been and remain today an ardent supporter of fully funding the Mississippi Adequate Education Program. I have written countless words advocating for more education funding, tearing the hide off lawmakers for not doing their jobs and pointing out the hypocrisies of Democrats and Republicans alike who have failed repeatedly to provide enough money for our schools to function at a meager “adequate” level.
I want to support Initiative 42. I want to tell all of my friends and family to vote for Initiative 42. I want to tell you to vote for Initiative 42.
But I just can’t do it.”

Read the full article here and see why Sam Hall says that he cannot vote in favor of the Ballot 42 amendment.



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