Who has been my source of information over the last 3 years?  
This question has been the basis for the battle between myself/DCR and certain leaders at DCS for way too long now. When I think of all of the truly important things that I have been fighting for and for all of the right reasons, it kills me to know that my biggest haters and opposition are those that simply want to know WHO my source of information is and all in an attempt to shut me down. Certain DCS employees have spared no expense in their attempts to find out this information or to discredit me anyway they possibly could, yet, I am still here and standing stronger than ever. Regardless of my opposition’s attempts, I have protected all of those that have helped me along the way. I am still standing because the truth is the truth no matter how much others may not want it to be.
Why do I bring this up now you may be asking? Well…….I saw one of my biggest haters yesterday from the county office on my son’s field trip. This person has carried out many of Jennifer Weeks’s orders to slander me on social media sites and anywhere else she could. This person, like many others, talk a big game online, but the truth has always been that THEY are the ones hiding behind their computer screens. These people would never and could never stand face to face with me and say what they do online. They couldn’t do it because everything they have ever said is a lie, and they don’t have the guts to say the things they have said online to my face. Seeing this person yesterday reminded me of just how far I have come through DCR and in life in general. So I guess this post is for that person and those in their regime that have spent more time trying to attack me than worrying about the people that matter most……our students and their teachers!!  
The regime at the county office has spread ridiculous rumors about me. To hear them tell things, I am a thief, a liar, a gossip, a co-conspirator and a criminal with a vendetta against the district because I threw a fit at OBE several years ago and didn’t get my way. I was angry when I found out that my newly purchased house was zoned for OB schools and not Lewisburg, so I made up lies about the OBE building conditions in an attempt to make them look bad and get my kids in Lewisburg schools.  
Sadly, one of our school board members and their spouse have taken to social media in times past to discredit me and/or to make me look bad. This board member has actually been to my house and on several occasions prior to either of my children being in the school system. My family considered their family to be friends. This person could have easily shot down some of the rumors about my residency, yet this person has remained silent. Why this person and their spouse chose to believe Kuykendall’s lies instead of giving my family an opportunity to share the truth or defend ourselves, I will never understand.  
So we can clear up a few things publicly here, I never purchased a new house that I believed to be zoned for Lewisburg schools. My backyard faces Sandidge Rd. (OBHS’s street) and the bus doesn’t even come to my house because of how close I live to that school. The ONLY schools I ever wanted in this district were the original OB schools, because they are the heart and soul of our community in Olive Branch. I love my city. I love Olive Branch, and even now, I wouldn’t want any other schools in the district (which is why both of our children are now back in Olive Branch schools). The one true thing that my opposition has said is that I am more beneficial to the system if I am a part of it. They are right about that, and now I am!
The ONLY reason for my husband and I pulling our daughter out of OBE before was because of Milton Kuykendall and certain district personnel that made horrible threats against our family. In addition to the threats, Milton Kuykendall, Keith Treadway (board attorney and Jeannie Kuykendall-Treadway’s brother in-law) and Jerry White (Head of Buildings and Maintenance and Ryan Kuykendall’s father in-law) tried to force our sick daughter back to school against doctor’s orders in retaliation of my going before the school board about the building conditions at OBE. I have an hour and half recorded meeting where Dr. Angela Bolden from the county office tells my husband and me that Kuykendall, Treadway and White denied my daughter’s doctor’s requests for homebound or for the ability to allow my sick child to take tests outside of the school with a teacher at a mutually agreed upon location. (Our daughter had been out sick on a doctor’s note for a month at that time and had been sick 25 times in a 12 month time period, missing over 40 days of school, not to mention the ADHD, OCD/Anxiety Disorder issues she was having at the time). I advocated for my child and was punished for doing so! The rest is history and what led to the beginning of DCR.
As for my insiders, I don’t really consider them insiders anymore. I may have originally met many of these employees because they gave me information about the district, but now, they mean so much more to me on a personal level. The people that have provided me with information along the way have done so, because they share my concerns in regards to the corruption and wrong doing happening in our district. They felt helpless to do anything about it, because anything they did in any other way could have gotten them fired. And in some cases, they did lose their jobs. Who are these people? Quite frankly, there are too many to name, and many of them have become the best friends I have ever had in my life. They are teachers, parents, principals, county office personnel and some of the ones closest to the very people that I fight against.  
Why would they help me?  
I think that many of them help me, because they have realized just how much they contribute to the problems by covering for these people. They want to see our district run the way it should be and free from the chains of tyranny and narcissistic leaders, who have lost sight of what matters most….our kids and their education. You can like or even love someone that you know is doing wrong, but to enable the wrong doing makes my contributors a part of the problem if they willingly accept the way things are done and don’t try to change it. All of these people along the way have helped the truth to find its way to the surface so that we have an opportunity to right the wrongs and make this district the best educational system in the state.  
Recently, I have been quieter and held back from some of the hard hitting posts that I could have written. I know that we are currently in a state of limbo, because Mr. Uselton won’t take over officially until January. In the meantime, we will be in a state of transition. And even though I strongly supported Mr. Uselton for superintendent, I know that he is going to have his hands full once he does take over. While I have confidence in his leadership abilities, I am also a realist, and I know that he can’t do everything that needs to be done by himself. I don’t want to do anything to make his job harder than it will be. I also don’t want to do anything to cause stress for the teachers and schools that my children attend, so I have been a little more cautious about what I have said lately. The people in these schools have needed time to meet me and see me for who I really am, but my hard hitting DCR days aren’t over. As long as there is corruption and wrong doing or a cause worth fighting for, Heather Fox and DCR will be right here. As for my sources of information, the regime will have to continue to fret over that one or take me to court to find out. Either way, I am good with it and look forward to seeing these individuals in person in the future.


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