Funny how no one seemed to take offense when the 38671 Unofficial FB page posted about one of our DeSoto County Constables being arrested for DUI. I report about a principal of an elementary school in our district that got a DUI and only 4 short months after she had another late night accident where she left the scene and was ticketed for multiple violations, but people were angry with me?!!!! It is truly sad that society has no problem casting judgment on people they don’t know, but they will jump to defend a friend, co-worker or family member that does wrong. How are these situations any different?

Here is a quote on the 38671 page about the constable’s arrest this past weekend:
“He definitely should not be doing that, even if you’re not on duty or you’re not representing your job. It’s a bad reputation of the community, you know, and society sees that.’
Others on social media have posted similar messages about his smiling mugshot.”

Both of these individuals are public employees. Both are in leadership positions. Both are known in their respective communities. Both represent DeSoto County and hold public positions.
Here are the differences:
1. The principal did take a breathalyzer test and failed miserably.
2. The principal had prior situations just 4 short months before where she totaled her car late at night and left the scene of the accident.
3. The principal just recently pled guilty to her DUI and the case has been non-adjudicated. Link to her guilty plea:
4. People have called and complained to the district about the principal, yet our school leadership has decided that no action will be taken against her.

Both people are human beings. Both people may deserve second chances. Both people need prayers and support to do better in the future. Both people may need our help, but I don’t understand why people choose to defend wrong behaviors of those they know and cast stones at those they don’t. As for our current DCS leadership, they should be ashamed for continuously allowing people to break the law and having one set of rules for their regime and another set of rules for everyone else not in their clique.  

But in the principal’s defense, how could they punish her without having to fire Jennifer Weeks who committed a terrible crime herself?! If the public wants to know why action won’t be taken against the principal, it is because they would have to take action against Jennifer Weeks, and that, my friends, will never happen with Kuykendall at the helm.


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