Mississippi PEP

BY: Lyn Fortenbery

I believe every child deserves the best education that he or she can possibly achieve. In order for a successful future for all children and future Natchezians or Mississippians, there first and foremost needs to be a future for them. The future of our state and our town is at risk if Initiative 42 is passed.

The citizen’s initiative was, in fact, signed by the requisite number of Mississippians to place it on the ballot. I seriously doubt if 3 percent had the opportunity to read the initiative before signing the petition. I probably would have signed it as well if I thought it would benefit the children of our state. However, what has not been discussed is the actual plan if this is added into the Constitution of our State. First, there is no Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP) reference to phase in the formula that…

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