DCR Projects needing your support:
1. Literacy: I am collecting books for kids in grades K-6. I am always collecting books and would appreciate any donations you are willing to make. The books I collect will primarily go to DCS teachers for their classrooms. In the past, I have donated to neighboring county schools and some local private schools. My focus now is on our public schools and our teachers. If you have children’s books laying around the house and are willing to donate them, please let me know. If you would like to donate money, I am happy to purchase some new books for the school. In the past, I have been able to purchase new books for as little as $.25-$1.00. Whatever you are willing to do, it will be greatly appreciated. I can come to you and pick up any donations. Just pm me with your address and/or phone number.
2. Animal Shelter and Rescue Donations: I am collecting old blankets, towels, newspapers, pet toys, stuffed animals, food, litter, dog houses and kennels. If you have anything like this that you are willing to donate, I will pick the items up from you. There are many groups in the area that I volunteer to help. We have a lot of great groups that could really use these items. Anything you have and are willing to donate will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to make a financial donation, I will gladly take that as well.  
3. Old Shoe Donations: The DeSoto County Republican Women help the following cause.

Caring for America Project 2015: Old Soles for New Souls.The Salvation Army collects old shoes and recycles them. Some are sold; some are given to the needy, and the rest are 100% recycled. The Salvation Army will take new shoes, slightly worn shoes, worn out shoes, or just one shoe. Every piece of the shoe is used, even the soles. 
If you have any shoes that you are willing to donate, you can leave them in a bag by your front door, and I will arrange for someone to pick them up from you. Just let me know your address and when you are ready for them to be picked up.
4. Olive Branch Intermediate School: This year, I have set a personal goal of $3000 that I plan on raising for OBIS. I have long felt badly for this school. It is oftentimes overlooked and forgotten about, because it is the only OB school not on the same block as the other schools. It is an older school, and they had the unfortunate incident with two people that stole over $10,000 from their PTA (which essentially was money stolen from the students and their teachers). I want the staff and students of this school to know that they are important to us. I want them to have more community support than they have had in the past. I want them to know that they can depend on their parents and our OB citizens to be there for them when they need us. Besides the money I plan on raising for the school, my first need is candy donations. If you would like to contribute some candy for an October event I am planning, I would greatly appreciate it. Just let me know, and I will arrange pick up. As the year progresses, I will be calling on my OB peeps for help with my OBIS goals.
Any help with these projects will be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you in advance!


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