According to the Mississippi State Auditor’s website and our DeSoto County Schools financial audits, here are four years worth of district data: total revenue, total expenditures and our state revenue portion of the total revenue for our school district.  
2011 – Revenues: $250,045,759 Expenditures: $214,439,035 

State Revenue: $120,421,515 – 48%
2012 – Revenues: $243,108,567 Expenditures: $223,953,791

State Revenue: $125,383,859 – 51%
2013 – Revenues: $252,250,846

Expenditures: $232,437,237

State Revenue: $136,562,746 – 54%
2014 – Revenues: $256,105,086

Expenditures: $196,319,993

State Revenue: $140,741,042 – 55%
School district revenue comes from local, state and federal funding. The percentages above show you what percentage of our total revenue came from the state each year. I assure you that other school districts in the state do not have financial audits that read this well.  
A judge in Hinds County ruled in July that the current law does NOT mandate that the MAEP be fully funded. The current ballot 42 initiative makes no mention of funding or MAEP. Why would any judge look at our numbers and give us more money or think that we are not being ‘adequately’ funded? If educators in DeSoto think that this initiative is going to guarantee our district of receiving more funding, then you have seriously been misled. Think about this long and hard!
Link to auditor’s website and audit information:  


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