In light of recent events, parents, I encourage you to have some serious conversations with your kids about bullying. This is a serious issue, and I would hate to see another child’s life to end as tragically as Abigail Luther’s life did this past weekend.Bullying is unacceptable, and in today’s technological world, kids have even more venues to bully or where they can be the victim of bullying. We must do better as a community and come together to tackle this issue.

Citizens, we need to encourage our children and always keep an open line of communication with them. We should teach our children how to treat others and demand more from them in this area. As parents, we must review our own behaviors and make sure we are living as role models for our kids. Through our own lives, we can show our kids how to handle situations and what is acceptable behavior. As parents, we cannot live every day believing that our own children are perfect angels. No child is perfect, and we must stay on top of everything they do. We need to embrace them when they are in pain and be willing to discipline them when they are the ones causing the pain. It breaks my heart for any kid or teen to feel as they have no other option than suicide. This beautiful, young girl’s life will be forever missed!

I appreciate all of you that have prayed for this family! They need our continued support and prayers. Below is a video tribute to the life of Abigail Luther. There is a FB page that has been set up as a way to honor her and remember her. Check it out and continue to pray for this family. Thank you so much!
See her video by clicking on the link below.


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