As of the May 2015 filing, Washington D.C. based New Venture Fund has contributed over $712,000 to the Better Schools Better Jobs campaign advocating for Initiative 42 in Mississippi this year. That amount is in addition to the over $864,000 the New Venture Fund donated to the same PAC in 2014. 
For your edification and consideration, I hope to provide some context to that below.
New Venture Fund was established in 2006 as a 501(c)(3) that, according to its website, “supports innovative and effective public interest projects…” NVF executes “a range of donor-driven public interest projects in conservation, global health, public policy, international development, education, disaster recovery, and the arts.’
NVF’s 2013 990 form shows its net assets at $80 million and describes its areas of emphasis as follows: 
– Health Programs “including human rights, development aid, family planning, tobacco control, cross-cultural exchangers, sanitation, infectious and easily preventable diseases, coordination of pharmaceutical research, and conflict resolution”
– Environmental Programs “include ocean and river conservation, alternative energy sources and reduction of fossil fuels, protection of ocean life, wildlands conservation, ecological agriculture, and habitat restoration.”
– Education Programs include “connect learning, support to teachers and other educational professionals, advocacy for effective teaching practices, early learning in vulnerable populations, literacy, and support for the common core initiative.”
Read full article here:  http://yallpolitics.com/index.php/yp/post/41919/


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