It is ABSOLUTELY FALSE that DCHS took down their state flag today. It is hard to take down a flag that you never had up in the first place. DCHS like many other schools in our district, have never had a state flag to fly. Because of this ridiculous nonsense, DCHS has now gotten a state flag to fly (thanks to Forrest Hamilton)!! You can see it for yourself by driving by the school.

Just to prove the point, I drove by OBHS just a few minutes ago. They did not have a state flag either. Another friend of mine drove by Another DCS high school, and they did not have a state flag. If people are concerned about this issue, ask a school why they don’t have one and then be willing to donate one to them if this concern is so great. Just my suggestion.

(You can see the OBHS picture in the comments section).  
I am not posting it on this post, because that school is not the focus of this conversation. It was simply taken to prove to people that not all of our schools fly the state flag.

Original post that was shared on FB.



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