1. He truly loves and cares about the students above all others.
2. He values and appreciates the teachers and recognizes how important they are to the success of our students and our schools.

3. Cory has a strong desire to unite our schools countywide. He wants all schools to be treated equally and fairly. I know that he does not want anyone feeling like they are any less important than someone else in the district.  

4. His bachelors degree is in Business Finance. This is important, because there has been great controversy surrounding the operations of the county office, finances, spending and other matters of school district business. I think we need more business professionals handling the business side of the district operation.

5. Mr. Uselton has worked in at least 6 different high schools statewide. He has a very diverse background, having worked in very poor schools and ranging upwards to more economically stable schools. This has helped to prepare him for the various challenges that our district could face.

6. Cory attended the University of Memphis. While at the university, he worked as a basketball manager under Larry Finch. (See attached picture). To work under such a successful coach, managing a team and operation like the University of Memphis Tigers basketball team and with some real basketball superstars from such diverse backgrounds has helped to prepare Cory for the position of superintendent. I know many people at the university that hold Cory in very high regard. In fact, my husband was a senior, playing football for the Tigers when Cory was a freshman. Mike says that Cory was a very well liked and respected guy in the athletic department.

7. He always conducts himself in a professional manner, representing our school district in a way that makes me proud.

8. Mr. Uselton is focused on having a POSITIVE superintendent candidacy if elected. Communication, an open dialogue, transparency, accountability and a willingness to work as a team with students, parents and educators for the betterment of our district is critical to him.

9. Proven leadership – Cory has a successful track record at multiple schools. No matter the size of the school, the economic status of a school or demographic makeup of the school, Cory has worked hard for all and achieved tremendous success in each and every school.

10. Cory has a wife that is every bit as intelligent and devoted to our schools as he is. They are one dynamic duo. I love the fact that you get two for the price of one with Cory and Amanda. Together, they exude a love and passion for our schools that is contagious! Honestly, they are a breath of fresh air in this district, and I look forward to the possibilities with Cory as our superintendent.

Do not forget to get out and VOTE tomorrow!!! Every vote matters!!!! And I hope you will consider supporting Cory Uselton for Superintendent!!


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