1. There are no plans to hire Milton Kuykendall after the election at a salary of $80,000/yr. Milton has been retired since around the 2010-2011 school year. Since he is retired, he can only be paid 25% of his pre-retirement salary, because he is collecting full retirement. That’s why he has only been paid $38,000 or so per year the last several years. 

A year or two ago, the school board voted to do away with the 25% employees. The board voted and passed that the 25% people would no longer be allowed to work for our district as retired and collect a 25% salary. This will go into effect at the end of Milton’s current term, so there is no way for Milton to work for the district without coming out of retirement (which would cause him to lose money). There is no way that he would ever do that. It would negatively affect his retirement. Not to mention, Milton would never want to work as a subordinate employee for people he has supervised all of these years.
2. Flags are not coming down immediately after the election. There are no plans to take away any flags. This simply isn’t true. The state flag controversy has caused rumors to swirl around the county about our state flag and our American flag, but this statewide, legislative discussion should not be brought into our local superintendent’s race. One has nothing to do with the other.  
3. The students’ rights to pray will not be taken away from them or out of the schools, nor will churches be banned from the schools. Absolutely, positively no truth in this! It is absurd!
4. Empower MS has not been involved with our superintendent’s race whatsoever. This is simply false!
Campaigns stir up all kinds of false rumors. The 4 rumors mentioned above have been circulating around the county, and I just wanted to clear them up for you. We should all be able to have discussions and debate about the issues and candidates that are important to us without using fallacies to further our personal agendas. Hopefully if you have any concerns, you will contact the candidates directly. I know both men are very responsive and will welcome your calls and emails. The runoff election is almost here, so don’t wait! Call or email the candidates now with any questions or concerns that you may have, and don’t forget to vote on August 25!!!!


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