Several people have asked me about prayer in schools. Is it allowed?
The answer is YES. A student is welcome to pray or lead a prayer, but school employees cannot lead a group of students in prayer. Here is the reason why.  
IF an employee could lead a Christian prayer, there would also have to be concessions made for a teacher to be able to lead a Muslim prayer, Buddhist prayer, Jewish prayer or any other prayer of their choosing. Most people do not like the idea of an adult being able to lead their child in prayer. You could not allow only one kind of prayer and not make concessions for other religions. It’s an all or none type of situation. Not to mention, many people feel that it is not an educator’s place to push their religious convictions upon their students. That responsibility rests with the parents at home.
Here is a good article, discussing what is allowed in schools currently in the way of prayer and religious expression:


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