It makes me so happy and proud to see this sign. It takes a lot of courage and faith to enter the political arena. Although I wasn’t the only one to ask Rob Goudy to run, I did ask him to take the leap of faith and assured him that he would have tons of support. We all have our reasons for encouraging a candidate to step up to the plate. For me, Rob was an easy choice, because he is the full package. And contrary to what anyone tells you, I know that DeSoto citizens recruited Rob Goudy and not Empower MS. 

Rob Goudy is a Christian, strong in his faith. He has a servant’s heart. I knew Rob would be someone that The People could trust to do right and depend on while in Jackson. He isn’t a politician. Rob is just a man, a really good man. I didn’t want him to run, so I could tell him what to do. I wanted him to run, because I knew he would represent all citizens in our county well! I know that we may not always agree (if he is elected), but I also know that he will make educated, responsible decisions that are not based on one person’s agenda. Rob will be a faithful and principled Christian, Conservative, Republican. He will work hard to make the best decisions for all citizens in our county. 

If you are in District 24, I encourage you to get to know Rob. Please consider voting for Rob Goudy for House Representative District 24! Runoff election is August 25. Mark your calendar and don’t forget to VOTE!!!



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