I want to share some things with you, that I feel make Cory Uselton an excellent choice for superintendent. I have heard a lot of talk around the county about the importance of providing for ALL children in DeSoto County and being mindful of the various demographics and socio economic statuses of our children and their families. Keeping that in mind, do you know how many schools that Cory has worked for in Mississippi? I think this is important to know, because it shows how diverse and broad his educational experience really is.

Cory Uselton has worked for Pontotoc High School, Charleston High School, Senatobia High School, Hernando High School, Horn Lake High School and DeSoto Central High School. While it is easy to associate Cory with DeSoto Central and his success there, he has served all of these schools and had great success with all of them. Mr. Uselton has always been able to adapt and succeed, regardless of the challenges. Cory’s experience working in different areas of Mississippi, representing very unique backgrounds and obstacles, has better prepared him for the responsibilities of the superintendent’s position.  

Charleston High School, for example, has consistently had an extremely high reduced and free lunch percentage and far greater than any school in our county ever has. Their percentages range from 80-90%+. The school has a predominantly African American population (66%+), and caucasian children make up the minority at roughly 32% or less. Cory was on the front line in this school, working as an educator. Working in a school with such a high at-risk component will better prepare an individual to handle diverse backgrounds and the challenges associated with them. Cory’s experiences at Charleston High School have helped to prepare him for the position of superintendent.
While working as principal of Senatobia High School, the school was ranked #1 and #5. The year after Cory left Senatobia to come back to DeSoto as principal of DCHS, Senatobia High School dropped to #55 in the state. The school dropped even lower the following year to end up at #100 in the state. Obviously, Cory led the school well, while under his watch, but the rankings weren’t the only sign of his success. Take a look at the following two articles and read about this incredible young woman, Kimberly Dandridge, and her achievements. This former Senatobia High School student discusses the importance of Cory Uselton as her principal and to her and her success. Ms. Dandridge has accomplished major milestones in Mississippi, and I know Cory is very proud of her! She isn’t the only student that feels this way about Mr. Uselton, but she is definitely one student that stands out to me!
Cory Uselton has worked in small districts, rural districts, urban districts and in the largest district. He has worked in successful schools and for schools that have not had as high of a level of academic success. Regardless of the city or the setting, Cory has contributed greatly and learned many lessons along the way. He has worked under a minimum of 4 superintendents, giving Cory even more insight and perspective as to differing leadership styles. His diverse experience and background will bring an element to the superintendent position that is invaluable.
There is nothing wrong with associating DeSoto Central with Cory Uselton, but it is not representative of his entire educational career. It is simply one piece in the puzzle, and it is all of these pieces (put together) that makes for one complete and total package! I hope you will join me on August 25 and VOTE for Cory Uselton for Superintendent of DeSoto County Schools! Uniting all schools in DeSoto County for the betterment of ALL students and their educational futures.


One thought on “Positive Reasons to VOTE for Cory Uselton for Supetintendent

  1. Cory Uselton leads by example.If elected as superintendent, he will spend his reign in that position changing the face of DCS purely by being the change himself. His combination of intelligence, common sense, and above all, leadership, is right for taking DCS to the next level. Just maintaining will never be an option. The planning and hard work never ends. Team U will always finish strong! “You play one of us, you play all of us” Vote Team U on August 25th.

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