For all of my friends in House District 24, I hope you will consider supporting Rob Goudy in the runoff election on August 25. Rob will serve DeSoto County well if elected to this position.  
Rob was asked by many DeSoto County citizens if he would consider representing us in Jackson. We know Rob to be strong in his faith and a true Conservative, Republican with a servant’s heart. I first knew of Rob Goudy from Getwell Rd. Methodist Church, where my daughter, Abby, attended preschool for two years. He works for the church and is loved and respected by all.  
Rob was never recruited by Jackson or PACs. He was asked by DeSoto citizens to take this leap of faith for the betterment of our county. We need Rob, representing the interests of the people, and he will do that if elected on August 25. Read what Rob had to say below. Check out his FB page and information. You will be glad you did!
VOTE on August 25 for Rob Goudy – District 24 House Representative!!



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