Candidates headed into a runoff are gearing up for Round 2 of the elections. There is still a lot of work to be done, so please stay engaged!!!  

Many Congrats to all of those candidates that won outright on Tuesday!!! Everyone worked really hard, and it shows!!! I was so impressed by the number of people that stepped up to run for office this year. It takes an enormous amount of courage, time and money. We had some really good people on the ballot. Only one can win in the end, but the ones that did not advance should not feel discouraged! Your involvement with our county is so important! I encourage everyone to say a prayer for all of the candidates that were involved and their family, friends and supporters. These races are tiring and very stressful! We need everyone to be comforted and supported for their willingness to serve DeSoto County.

The runoff elections will be held on August 25.
Superintendent race:

Cory Uselton

Jim Ferguson
District 5 Supervisor:

Milton Jones

Michael Lee
House District 24:

Rob Goudy

Jeff Hale
Justice Court Judge District 2:

Larry Vaughn

Steve Dodd


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