I am sharing my thoughts on the superintendent candidates, one by one. Next up is Dr. Edith Robinson.
From Day 1, I came out strong for Dr. Edith Robinson, and I have been up front with people as to my thinking on her. I first met Edith in February of 2013. My husband and I met with Milton Kuykendall a couple of months after the public situation at OBE. Milton asked Edith to join us for the meeting. Although Milton did apologize to me and my husband over and over again in that meeting, I felt that Edith REALLY understood and got the situation, the truth and the feelings my husband and I had about it all. She always treated me with kindness and understanding, and Edith did it in a way that was sincere and never felt fake. We spoke on a couple of occasions after that at school board meetings or on the phone. She was always willing to talk. Dr. Robinson was pleasant and showed me how much she really cares about the teachers and the kids. I truly appreciate that about her.  
Edith has NEVER treated me the way that other leaders have. She has always made a point to ask about my children when she sees me and has shared her insight with me in reference to my children’s issues when I have asked for guidance. Edith has been encouraging and supported me as a parent, who she knows to be a strong advocate for my children and as a parent that just loves my kids and wants the best for them. She has respected my role as parent and never made me feel as though she knows more than I do about my own children. That means a lot to me and especially when many parents feel as if the direction of education is trying to over step its role into our children’s lives. Edith has always respected me as my children’s greatest advocate!!! That means a lot to me, and that is the kind of person we need as superintendent.
Dr. Robinson and I have a lot of mutual friends in common, so I know more about her personally through the eyes of those that are the closest to her and have worked alongside her over the years. I have heard from teachers districtwide that have complete and total faith in her work capabilities. They have faith that she will do what’s right for them, and that too says a lot to me! Edith believes that teachers should be allowed to run their classrooms the way they see fit. She is strongly opposed to the central office coming in and mandating how a teacher is to run his/her class. She believes the central office’s role should be more of a support system for educators, and I know many, many teachers that would agree with her and be happy about that!
Edith was in charge of curriculum and academic education before Jennifer Weeks. Edith was in charge of the department during the high growth times. Since Weeks took over, student enrollment has only grown by 1300 students in 5 years. Student enrollment was growing by 1000+ students per year under Dr. Robinson. Not only that, our district was always rated high, and she, too, had obstacles to overcome with changing standards (MS Frameworks and Benchmarks) as well as changing state tests (MCT and MCT 2 among others), but we always ended up on top.
Dr. Robinson was in charge of the first ELL Department that the district ever had and always made sure that teachers had the resources they needed. Dr. Robinson spent MUCH less money on curriculum than the current administration has spent. Since spending is such a great concern, this is an important point in her favor.  

I know that Dr. Robinson opposes Common Core and the testing. She has seen the effects of it on teachers and students in the classroom. She understands the parental concerns. Because she has the experience that she does in curriculum and academic education, I know Edith is prepared to help correct these issues in our district.

Teachers have shared their feelings with me and expressed how few times the curricula and programs were changed under Dr. Robinson. Teachers appreciated that, because it is difficult for them to constantly keep up with changing programs and curricula year to year on top of changing standards and testing while maintaining their paperwork, evaluations and ensuring their students’ test scores are high. Edith had 18 years in the classroom. Edith was an assistant principal and principal, so she has the experience on every level. Dr. Robinson is one of the people in charge of creating the strategic plan for the district. You can review that on DCS’s website. When it comes to staff, Edith is known to treat all people equally. She doesn’t cut friends any slack. She will call someone to the carpet, no matter who they are, if they have done something wrong. Edith is known to be fair though and is respected by many people in this county as an educator, Christian, citizen, friend and family member.  

To me, Dr. Edith Robinson is the total package! If elected, she will make an excellent superintendent!!



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