I am sharing my thoughts on the superintendent candidates, one by one. I am starting with Cory Uselton.
From the bottom of my heart, I absolutely adore Cory and Amanda Uselton!! I think that they are incredible people! I mention them together, because if you know them well, you know that they are a package deal. They are a team! Their family shares a love for our students and for our schools, a dedication and work ethic that you just don’t find in most people, much less in a family of four. Small kids and all, they pack up as a family and go where their students go. They love the students and their families as if they are all one family. Cory believes strongly in unity! He has created a feeling at DeSoto Central High School that I wish we could duplicate districtwide. And this says a lot, considering the conditions the administration before him had left behind, according to numerous staff members and parents. His parents and students have a love and respect for him like nothing I have ever seen. I truly believe that they would move mountains for him. After getting to know Cory and Amanda, I truly understand why they feel this way.

Now, as far as this race goes, here is what I think. I told Cory in the beginning that I thought he should hold off on running and support Edith. I felt like Cory would make a great leader, but with the mess that will be left behind, it was better for Edith to go in, clean it up, make the hard decisions and leave a much cleaner slate for the next superintendent. People that are not politically involved or savvy, do not understand how elections impact the candidates, their families and their supporters. I didn’t want this race to negatively impact Cory or his family, because they are too valuable to our district. I was up front with Cory about my thoughts and feelings. The more time that has passed since our original conversation, I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that Cory Uselton would be an exceptional leader should he be elected!!! 

As far as Cory’s credentials and abilities to lead go, these are my thoughts. Cory’s bachelor’s degree is in Business Finance, which I think is a very big positive! Considering the amount of concern and issues with the finances of the district, the business side of the operation and the business office, this is a strong selling point for Cory. He isn’t just an educator or principal. His background and credentials will enable him to be able to handle the business and financial side of the superintendent responsibilities very well. He has already proven himself to be a successful leader and award winning principal.  

Cory does oppose Common Core, and I know that he understands the significant role our superintendent plays in the decision making process statewide (when it comes to education). I have no doubt that Cory will do what’s best for the kids above all others. That’s important, because often times adults allow their own wants, needs and gains to overshadow what matters most and who matters most: our kids and our teachers!

Cory is ALWAYS professional and conducts himself in a manner that represents our district well. He is highly intelligent and thinks for himself. Cory is analytical, extremely organized and a planner. He will make decisions based on much thought and research. Regardless of friendships or perceived political allies, Cory will make decisions based on the whole and not because he is easily influenced by one person or one group. Cory has many qualities that would absolutely make him a successful leader if elected! I think the world of the Useltons and feel so blessed to know them. Cory Uselton is an asset to our district, and I hope people will see that!  



2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Cory Uselton and his Local Memphis Interview

  1. Agreed! Cory leads by example. No one under his umbrella will ever work harder than him. Although he was amazing in the debate, it was really just another day for him. 200% every day! God bless Amanda, Will, and Jackson for sharing him with all of our teachers and students! They have made a great sacrifice and we are so blessed to have such dedication and leadership…a true champion!

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