This is the DCR poll for the DCS Superintendent race.  Candidates pay good money to poll the people.  This poll may not be very ‘official’, but it is free!  VOTE NOW and let everyone know who you will be supporting for Superintendent of DeSoto County Schools on August 4.  And don’t worry, because this poll is anonymous!  No one will know who has voted for who.  I won’t even know, so please VOTE!  One vote per person is all the poll will allow.  Cast your vote now!!!!



20 thoughts on “Who has your vote for DCS Superintendent? VOTE NOW!

  1. Dr. Edith Robinson is more qualified and has more experience than any of the others. I’ voting for her.

    • Edith’s brother in law bias no doubt. There are good candidates running and some that have constantly repositioned their answers. Voters need to look at the candidates closely and cut through the personal endorsements and claims of who’s leading or experienced. Find out who best represents your interests as a voter. A true conservative candidate would best lead our schools and help our community. Our schools are the cornerstone of our communities value. If you value your community and the stability of the homes in the neighborhood you live it would be wise to consider the candidates, what they have said publicly and not just recently. Best to consider the candidate’s own words and recognize which candidates have changed their answers rather than have core beliefs that haven’t changed.

  2. If Jerry Darnell is not elected superintendant, DeSoto Co. will have a second rate superintendant! It matters who is leading our schools! The kids in school today will rule our world later! It matters, even if you have no kids in school! Vote Jerry Darnell superintendant!!!

  3. I respectfully disagree with all of you. Jim Ferguson by far has the best qualifications and has the students in mind more than anyone else. His leadership is unmatched

  4. Edith Robinson all the way. She is more than qualified, she has Desoto County students and teachers in her mind and on her heart, and she is first and foremost, a teacher. She has stayed in Desoto County for her entire career and is truly dedicated to doing what is best for the STUDENTS.

  5. Jerry Darnell should lead our schools. He has the teachers and students in mind. He has the leadership to run our schools. Our students need this good qualified man.

  6. Jerry Darnell for sure. Best qualified and has the ability to do the job. He has our students at heart and understands what our teachers need to do in the classroom to reach our goals.

  7. I will be writing in a candidate, rather than choosing from the 4 we are given. I personally believe that Dr. Willie Herenton is the only man who can turn our schools around. He has a residence in Horn Lake, so he has the right to accept if/when he wins. Vote WW Herenton in August! Proven leadership, proven results.

  8. I think Cory will make a great Superintendent…once my son graduates from DC…Want to keep him there until then because he is such a great principal!

  9. Dr Edith Robinson is definitely the most qualified and experienced candidate in the field. She has served the school system as a teacher, principal, and worked in the business office as well. In addition to this she has grandchildren in the DCS system and lived in DeSoto County all of her life.

  10. I’ve worked with Cory Uselton as a nurse, teacher, and parent. Never seen anyone work so hard for every child and every employee. The honesty and trust he infuses in his staff and students creates an unbreakable bond. Desoto Central parents do not want to vote for him because they don’t want to lose him. NO ONE can compete with the fire in his heart for Desoto County Schools. He is the only candidate who has not had a voice at the county level. Yet, his hard work has spoken the loudest. It’s time to share that awesome feeling of pride and teamwork with all of DCS. “You play one of us, you play all of us”. He is the real deal!

  11. Desoto county teachers are being threatened for publicly supporting a specific candidate. Would love to hear feedback on when you lose your right as an American to suport a candidate. The good ole boy days are over. Someone needs to tell county ofc.

    • You have every right to vote for whomever you want. You never lose that right. Unfortunately, some people think they are above the law and above policy. They also haven’t learned that scare tactics and bullying don’t get them what they want!! You vote your heart!!

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