When you look into the eyes of these precious faces, how could anyone not want to help them have a chance at life?! Each one has their own personality, their own history, their own troubles and their own accomplishments. They live to love and be loyal to their humans and ask for so little in return. They just want a family to call their own, a person to love and someone to love them back. I encourage you all, don’t shop just adopt!!! Check these babies out from the Southern Friends Animal Society.

1. This first picture is of Ike. He is a senior beagle, who is as sweet as they come. He lost his long time companion not long ago, and now, he is all on his own. He will whine and cry when he first sees you or when you are petting him. We think that this is his way of saying that he is glad you are visiting with him. Doesn’t Ike deserve a family to be with in his golden years?!

2. The next picture is of Mama Charlotte (no relation to Ike). She recently had babies (and again Ike is not the dad). She has 3 precious babies, that she has lovingly cared for. Praise God SFAC took her in, so she could have her babies all safe and sound.

3. The third picture is of Charlotte’s baby Sophia. Look how adorable she is!!! Wouldn’t you love to give this baby a home when she is ready to be adopted?!

4. The fourth picture is Charlotte’s baby Alice. Alice is a laid back, loving girl. This baby will be the perfect addition to any family. Won’t you consider her?

5. The next baby is Scamp. He has always been full of energy and ready to rumble. He will play fetch with my kids and is great with the other dogs. He has done a great job walking on the leash. This young pup would be great for an active family. He loves to play and is tons of fun!!!

6. Last but not least is Captain. This guy is the one that has my heart! Since he was little, he has always clung to me whenever we have visited. As he got bigger, he would protect me from the excited, playful puppies, who were always looking to wrestle around with us. LOL! Captain is as smart as they come. He has always been well behaved, takes direction well and is good on the leash. He is a fast learner! Captain is a charmer and will shower you with love. We believe he is a Border Collie or BC mix of some kind. He had 3 sisters who have since been adopted. He is the last one left. It will make me incredibly sad to see him go, but I don’t want him to be left behind. I pray that a loving family will find their way to him, because he will be the best addition that any family could hope for!  

Call the Southern Friends Animal Society and go by to visit these babies. They have cats and kittens too. Give them a chance, and I promise you will be glad you did!! These dogs have been loved and well cared for by an army of people. These individuals want nothing more than for these babies to find their forever families! Help them! Share this post or consider adopting one of them today!  



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